Talent is the psychic ability to detect ghosts through seeing, hearing, or other means.



Sight is the ability to see apparitions, ghost-fog, death-glows, and other ghost productions.


Listening refers to the detection of any sound emitting from the ghost or area near it. This includes, in rare cases, live conversations with a ghost, but the only recorded events of this have been Marissa Fittes with a Type Three ghost.


Touch is the ability to feel the echoes radiating from ghosts or their Source. It is often intertwined with the other two, such as the case of Lucy Carlyle. Carlyle possesses both Listening and Touch.

Presence of Talent Edit

Talent is generally prevalent in young children, then slowly fades away as they mature into adults. The vast majority lose their abilities by the age of 20.[citation needed] Some children have very strong amounts of Talent, and the general rule is the more Talent, the better paying job. Children with moderate Talent are accepted into the Night Watch, but those with moderate to high levels and Sensitives (extremely high) apply for agencies, especially the well-known Fittes or Rotwell.