Steve Rotwell, grandson of Tom Rotwell, was the Chairman of the Rotwell Agency. He considered Penelope Fittes his rival.


Physical Description Edit

He was a large handsome middle-aged man; wide at the shoulders, yet gradually tapering down to his feet; macho. He had green eyes.


He was potent with a sword. His sword, complementing his size, was thick and wide; larger than a rapier.

Biography Edit

Steve Rotwell, by the time of Lockwood & Co., may or may not be aware of Marissa and Tom's, his grandfather, successes in traveling to the other side.

After the events in the catacombs (Book 2), Rotwell agents retrieved the pieces of the Bone Glass. Steve understood what it was and studied it. He would conduct experiments at Chelsea, London, and Aldbury Castle village to test his latest experiment inspired by the Bone Glass. His experiments caused the Chelsea Outbreak (Book 3) in London followed by the Aldbury Castle Outbreak + "Creeping Shadow" (Book 4) in Hampshire. His travels to the Other Side seem to have accelerated his age in appearance.

Note Edit

Chelsea, London is a real place. Hampshire is a real county in England, but Aldbury Castle village is fictional (see England map).