Rotwell Agency was the second-oldest and most widely hired psychical investigation agency in London.



Around 1962,[citation needed] several of the first Visitors appeared in Britain, including two cases called the Highgate Terror and the Mud Lane Phantom.[citation needed] The country was clueless, and deaths begun to pile up. As panic rose, Marissa Fittes and Tom Rotwell, two investigators were able to locate the Source of both the Highgate Terror and Mud Lane Phantom, and subdue them. In the Mud Lane case, the remains of a highwayman named Long Hugh Hennratty was the source, subdued by Rotwell between June 19-25 1962,[citation needed] while Fittes held the ghost off with an iron spade. Their adventures became national news, and Visitors and their danger were soon common knowledge. Fittes' and Rotwell's success is still revered and constantly referred to in psychic education. As the Problem continued grow, so did the need for a solution. Soon, Marissa Fittes set up the first psychical investigation agency, and Rotwell followed.


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