Quill Kipps is a team supervisor of the Fittes Agency. Fostering a rivalry with Anthony Lockwood for many years, he pushes this aside in emergencies and often teams up him and his team with Lockwood & Co, though not without some snide remarks from both sides. His team includes Kat Godwin, Bobby Vernon, and formerly Ned Shaw.


Quill Kipps was once in a rapier competition with Anthony Lockwood and lost when Lockwood stabbed him in the bum. Kipps has shown hostility towards him ever since.[citation needed]

Kipps used to work for Fittes as an agent; after going into adulthood, he led a team and became a supervisor for some of Fittes agents.



Although Kipps may be unpleasant towards Lockwood at times, he has also been shown to be able to put aside this hatred and offer assistance to Lockwood. It was also stated that he has a very short fuse. Kipps eventually grows tired of becoming a supervisor, uncomfortable in directing others in work he wishes he was doing himself. He shows valor in assisting Lockwood & Co., donning a special pair of spectacles that allows him to once again view ghosts.[citation needed]

Physical attributesEdit

Kipps is described somewhere between '5-'5''5,[citation needed] and has a very slight build. Lucy Carlyle described him as 'bird like.' He is also shown to have severely short auburn hair and green eyes. When he worked for Fittes Agency, he used to dress in the typical silver Fittes uniform, with an ornate rapier at his belt. However, after he left the agency, he dressed in a more somber clothes, for example black turtleneck, black jeans, and dark jacket.


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