Penelope Fittes is the current Chairman of the Fittes Agency and an influential figure in post-The Problem society. She is the granddaughter of Marissa Fittes.



She was of an indeterminate age, youthful and old at the same time. On the other hand, Tom Rotwells' grandson Steve was evidently middle-aged.


While no longer possessing the acute Talents comparing to prime-agents, Penelope is not rusty in the practice and is able to keep her head in dire situations. During a riot in the carnival held by Fittes and Rotwell Agency‏‎, she had taken off her hair band, which was crescent moon—sharp and made of silver, and used it as a dagger.[1]


Little is known of Penelope Fittes's early life. Revelations would come about at Book 5. (More on Penelope at Marissa's Page)


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