The Orpheus Society is a group that tried to learn more about the Problem. Though many people share this common goal, the Orpheus Society is kept quite confidential and is far ahead technology wise.[citation needed]

The Orpheus Society symbol is the lyre (Greek harp), the goggles that George Cubbins stole from John Fairfax‏‎ are just one of the things that the society made to help them with their research.

Many wealthy people were associated with it, such as Penelope Fittes and John Fairfax; even Anthony Lockwood's parents had been invited to give guest speeches!

Description Edit

The Orpheus Society aims to "subdue" ghosts and win against death (described by the Orpheus Society secretary at Book 4). The group's advanced technology on ghosts were a collectively designed by the members.

The society's name comes from Orpheus, a musician in Greek mythology, and its symbol was inspired by Orpheus's lyre. In the mythology, Orpheus traveled to the underworld in an effort to take back his dead wife. His music with his lyre was so beautiful that the lord of the underworld allowed his wife's soul to return. Thus, the society named itself from the man who successfully traveled in and out of the underworld/afterlife. And, it took its symbol from the lyre which Orpheus used to somehow defeat death.

Background and Assumptions Edit

The group had advanced technology concerning ghosts that would be certainly beneficial to the public. And yet, they chose to keep the equipment to themselves. Their decision to be secretive about the equipment hints at their questionable motives (Discussed by Lockwood and Co. after discovering the goggles taken from John Fairfax). Marissa and Ezekiel's input on the technology was implied when "Penelope" gave something to a middle-aged man and said "we've repaired it... ...I hope the Orpheus Society make better use of it..." (Book 2:22). The "we" may have meant the Fittes scientists.

The society's goal of "subduing" ghosts meant using the ghosts' ectoplasm in some way (like what Marissa did in keeping her soul alive). And when the secretary of the society said that their other goal was to win against death, he meant them achieving immortality.

Later (Book 5), Marissa Fittes seemed to be the leader of the group. Marissa and some of the group were seen in "Dark London" by Lockwood & Co. The older than usual appearance of the Orpheus Society members may have been a result of their travels at "Dark London".

The members must be aware of Ezekiel because of their travels in Dark London and of their goggles. On Marissa being Penelope however, the members may not be aware.

Marissa's control over DEPRAC, some furnaces (Clerkenwell Furnaces is owned by Fittes), illegal relics trade, and other agencies had allowed her to collect Sources of ghosts. Those Sources were used by Fittes and the Orpheus Society in opening Dark London.