A. J. Lockwood & Co., Investigators, better known as simply Lockwood & Co., is a psychical investigation agency founded by Anthony Lockwood, operating at 35 Portland Row in London. The agency is small, only consisting of a few members.



After burning down a house, Lockwood & Co. had a bad reputation. The story was in The Times, a local newspaper, causing some of Lockwood & Co's clients to cancel. Lockwood & Co. started getting a better reputation again when they started going on the case of Annabel Ward's death, which was also posted in The Times. Their reputation got even better when the agency found the Source at Combe Carey Hall, one of the most haunted houses in Britain, and found out that their client, Mr. John Fairfax murdered Annebelle Ward.

Agents and official membersEdit



  • It is the smallest agency in London.


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