Kipps's team is one of the many teams from Fittes Agency, supervised by former agent Quill Kipps.


Kipps's team didn't always have a good reputation; upon Lucy Carlyle's first encounter with Quill Kipps and his associates, who came to provoke Lockwood & Co. at the National Newspaper Archives, George Cubbins was able to list out some of their less-than-stellar performances, and that the team apparently had the highest mortality rate at the time within their agency.[1] However, while members of Lockwood & Co. weren't fond of the team, they begrudgingly acknowledged their skills, such as Bobby Vernon's thorough researching ability,[2] and vise versa, although Kipps's team didn't usually take Lockwood & Co. seriously, they admitted the smaller group was solid. In the middle of a case at Kensal Green Cemetery, Kipps even conveyed to Lucy that he believed his agency made a mistake for turning down her application, going as far as saying he could pull some strings just so that Lucy could work there where there'd be more resource for her Talent.[3] Kipps had again invited Lucy to join his team when Lockwood & Co. was initially left out of the Chelsea outbreak case per DEPRAC's decision, to which Lucy declined once more.[4]

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