Florence Bonnard,[1] commonly known as Flo Bones, is a relic-woman and an acquaintance of Anthony Lockwood.


Flo Bones was approached by Anthony Lockwood and Lucy Carlyle after Lockwood decided to ask her about information on Jack Carver after they were given the assignment by Inspector Montagu Barnes.[1]She has helped them ever since.

Personality and traitsEdit

Flo Bones is generally ill-tempered, sloppily-dressed and of a suspicious nature. She is nevertheless prideful and somewhat good at her job and, like most relic-collectors, possesses a fair amount of talent.

She loves licorice. And often ask for it or bribed with it in exchange of her services to Lockwood & Co. agency.

Later in the series Edit

Flo and George Cubbins showed mutual interest and care in a subtle manner. The two agree to go out together at the end.

Book 5, Chapter 21: Lockwood told Lucy the history of Flo. When the two were young, Quill Kipps and Anthony Lockwood began their rivalry when Lockwood bested Kipps in fencing during competition. At that competition, Lockwood did not win the championship. Florence Bonnard did, who defeated Lockwood. She was excellent at swordplay.

Also an agent, she was a promising apprentice of a two-man agency of Sinclair & Sons (Susan Sinclair and Harry Sons). One night in a chapel, the team were surprise-attacked by two limbless. The two partners were killed. Florence survived by taking an iron cross, going to a corner, and wedging the cross to cover herself. She was trapped the whole night with the limbless trying to get to her and her companions lying dead near her. This event changed Florence, she's done being an agent even after efforts from Lockwood to help. Flo Bones then became a relic-woman.


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