The Fittes Manual for Ghost-hunters[1], or simply the Fittes Manual, is a book written by Marissa Fittes, founder of the Fittes Agency, the first psychical investigation agency. The book advises ghost-hunters what to do in the event of a haunting, due to the existence of the Problem.

Known contentsEdit

  • Ghosts will shrink, change shape, become vaporous or depart when given hope of release.[1]
  • Ghosts often stay behind due to the existence of "personal organic remains".[1]
  • Magnesium flares are advised against being used inside.[1]
  • It is advised that only one person be in the "line of fire" when a sealed chamber is opened.[2]
  • The first thing to do during a haunting is to establish its Type.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit



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