Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff lived during the the 19th century. He was a family doctor who would later work in Green Gates Sanatorium, Hampstead Heath, where he treated people with neurological disorder. At the same time he was employed in the sanatorium, he became an occultist in general. He conducted "witchcraft" experiments and robbed graves. His deeds were not kept in complete secrecy yet he was not reproached even by the police; which suggests that he had friends in high places.


On December 13, 1877, the group, implied to be including other curious people, tested the Bone Glass. Skull suggested to Bickerstaff that the eager Wilberforce would be willing to try it. Wilberforce did and die. Dulac and the rest left quickly after the horror. Bickerstaff and Skull followed Dulac to have her look in the glass too. Dulac shot Bickerstaff at the head. Skull escaped. Dulac and co. took Bickerstaff's body back in his estate to conceal the murder. Dulac, haunted by all she saw during the Bickerstaff affair, would also disappear from society.