The Chelsea outbreak was a sudden outbreak of a large concentration of ghosts and supernatural phenomena within the Chelsea area of southwest London, England.


The massive outbreak, which seemed to result in increasing amounts of ghostly activity day-by-day, was investigated by seemingly the combined forces of every agency within England, with the sole exception of Lockwood & Co.. However, following Lockwood & Co.'s favorable showing at handling a disruption to a party held to calm the public tensions, Lockwood & Co. was invited to investigate as well.[citation needed]

They, along with the help of Quill Kipps and his team from the Fittes Agency, traced the problem to the Aickmere Brothers department store, where they encountered a powerful poltergiest and the results of a strange experiment underground.[2] It was later determined that the strange experiment was the doing of the Rotwell Agency, who had also been engaged in a number of other unusual and forbidden activities.[3]


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