The Bone Glass was a relic created in the 19th century by Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff with the help of his associates and his faithful assistant, now known as the Skull. It was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery with Bickerstaff's body.


The Bone Glass was a mirror of about a head's width. Its rim were made of seven human bones from 7 sprits.

It was said to show enlightenment to whomever was looking at its mirror; but, paradoxically promptly kills the viewer. One glimpse at its mirror causes its victim to be obsessed with it.


The Bone Glass was the first gateway to the [Other Side]] ever confirmed to be made; although it was too deadly unlike the gateways made by Marissa Fittes, Tom Rotwell, and Ezekiel; and Steve Rotwell.


Sometime in 1877, Bickerstaff and his talented assistant, a male youth, now the Skull, helped him create the Bone Glass. The Skull was the only one who could sense spirits among the group and so his involvement was vital.

On December 13, 1877, the group, namely the aristocrats Simon Wilberforce and Lady Mary Dulac, implied to be including other curious people, tested the Bone Glass. Skull suggested to Bickerstaff that the eager Wilberforce would be willing to try it. Wilberforce did and die.

The Bone Glass was smashed by Lucy Carlyle at the events of book 2. After the event in the Catacombs, the Bone Glass's broken pieces were retrieved by the DEPRAC.