• MakaAlbarn012

    First Post!

    March 30, 2016 by MakaAlbarn012

    Hey guys! I'm new here on this wiki, so here is my first blog post! I'm really happy to be here, as I'm a big fan of Lockwood & Co.

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  • Sammm鯊

    A special thanks to Staff User:Asnow89 who started the Book Cooks activity across Wikia along with creating the foundation layout of this post!

    This menu is to celebrate the events we experienced with Lockwood & Co. throughout book 1-3; we don't know what's installed for us next (coming this September!), so for now, let's cherish and review the times when Lucy Carlyle was still part of the team!

    Let's get the party started! When Lockwood & Co. celebrated their victory for solving the Chelsea outbreak and surviving fighting against the Source in Aickmere Brothers department store, it was very much festively described in . The Parma ham doesn't need a recipe per se, you just need to buy it, slice it and serve it! The perfect appetizer!

    Want to…

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